J Y Pillay Comparative Asia Research Centre (JYP CARC)


The J Y Pillay Comparative Asia Research Centre (JYP CARC) was set up under NUS Global Asia Institute in 2012 to pursue comparative research into key development issues facing Asia, in particular its three “giants” – China, India and Indonesia.

The Centre, named in honour of renowned policy maker and corporate leader, Professor J Y Pillay, was established with S$5 million of funding consisting of generous gifts from Singapore Exchange and Singapore Airlines, with co-funding by NUS.



The JYP CARC focuses on relatively neglected areas of research on human capital development, with particular attention to their underlying demographic dynamics. This includes educational development, changing labour markets, migration and urbanization, inequality of access to education and employment opportunities, and the effects of patterns of human capital development on productivity.

Emphasis is placed on cross-national comparative studies which can enrich understanding beyond one country alone; Singapore’s experience can be drawn upon where appropriate.